Bottom Staplers for professional usage

There are many ways of closing a corrugated box. Staples, glue and tape. At Josef Kihlberg we always recommend the use of staples and stapling tools. This ensures a safe, environmental friendly, fast, cheap and ergonomic closing process of your boxes. If you are looking for Bottom Staplers with high quality, great ergonomic features and high loading capacity, our Bottom Stapler is the right tool for you. It does not matter if you will use it to close only a few boxes per day, or several hundred. This is the tool that will do the work for you. Our Bottom Stapler has a very robust stand of steel and all it’s wear parts are made of hardened steel to make the tool work as good as new, year after year. This tool is an investment that will last for many, many years. We often find tools in the market that have been used by our customers for 15-20 years, sometimes even longer…

Josef Kihlberg’s Bottom Staplers are manufactured in Sweden
Josef Kihlberg’s Bottom Staplers are manufactured in Sweden


B561, B560, B53

When you need to close a higher number of boxes, we recommend one of our pneumatic Bottom Staplers. These models are very easy to work with and you can easily adjust the power of the tool manually to suit your specific need.

Pneumatic Bottom Staplers from Josef Kihlberg
Pneumatic Bottom Staplers from Josef Kihlberg

B561PN, B560PN, B53PN

Functionality, ergonomics and safety. Features that makes our Bottom Staplers different!

With one of Josef Kihlberg’s Bottom Staplers, you use the boxes own material strength to bind the different layers of the box together. This makes the closing extremely strong and reliable. Besides corrugated packaging, the most common materials to use together with our Bottom Staplers, are blister packs and cloth. If you are looking to staple in any other material, please contact us at Josef Kihlberg and we will test your material in order to determine what tool and staple would be ideal for your unique application. Closing your boxes with a Josef Kihlberg Bottom Stapler will keep the packaging, neat, clean and sustainable. The staple will lock the inner- and outer flaps together and will provide stacking strength to your packages. The receiver of your packed goods can easily remove the staples with your “staple remover uni”.

Josef Kihlberg Bottom Staplers are available for three different staple types JK53, JK561 (C, 32) and JK560 (A, 35). All models are available as manual or pneumatic. For packaging that is expected to be exposed to humid environments, e.g. sea transportation, we recommend to use our staplers together with galvanized staples. We offer galvanized staples of both JK561 and JK53 types.

JK561-15G, JK53 Using a Bottom Stapler from Josef Kihlberg guarantees a safe and efficient work process. All our Bottom Staplers have the same free floor height, 1 m (39 inches). This makes it possible to also seal larger cartons. You activate the staple process with a foot pedal, meaning that you do not need to bend or stretch during the process.

This gives you a good ergonomic position during your work day, minimizing unnecessary stress injuries that could appear on other methods of sealing boxes.

Both our Bottom Staplers and staples are manufactured without any physical or chemical substances that could be hazardous. When cleaning the tool, we recommend a neutral cleaning agent. With all your tools you will receive a user manual showing clear and simple instructions for installation and standard settings for Bottom Staplers. If you have lost your manual or are looking to find it in a different language it is also available in PDF-form directly from our website. There you will also find a repair manual and spare parts list, making it easy to service your tools on your own.

Parts and service of the Bottom Stapler The bottom stapler consists of a staple head staple, a foot pedal and pusher. To get a detailed view of all the components you can go to each Bottom Staplers tool page and view our exploded diagram of the tool. The exploded diagram shows all different parts of the Bottom Staplers and you can click on the parts that you need and purchase them directly online. Of course you can also purchase them from one of our many partners all around the world. Go to our distributors overview to find which distributor is located closest to you.

The magazine capacity is large and a single magazine holds up to 300 staples. Thanks to it’s high capacity, you can seal the bottom of up to 150 cartons per full magazine. Reloading of the magazine is simple and fast, so the operator will not spend unnecessary time reloading the tool.

You get a simple, ergonomic and extremely durable result every time you use our bottom staplers!

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