Industrial stapler with speed and power

Josef Kihlberg’s industrial stapler JK20A is the worlds fastest industrial stapler. When firing the stapler in automatic mode, the fastest settings allow you to fire over 30 staples per second! 30 staples per second would mean more than 1700 staples per minute. And all staples are fired with a high and reliable force from the first to the last fired staple. As this speed is not needed every day or for every application, the speed can be set with a screw on the left side of the tool. This solution makes it easy for the operator to adjust the speed of the stapler to his or her need. 

Our JK20A stapler is available for different types of staples and with different designs (such as long magazines, long nose and more), each stapler is developed and customized to fit the exact measure of the staple that is meant to run in it. At Josef Kihlberg we manufacture both our tools and staples under the same roof, guaranteeing a 100% match between staples and tools and this gives one complete system to our customers.  An example is our best seller, the industrial stapler JK20A680L. A stapling tool developed with the furniture industry in mind and designed to operate with perfection together with our self-made JK680 staple

One industrial stapler with options to suit your every need

In addition to the JK20A680L, our industrial stapler with long magazine for our JK680 staples, we also have a stapler for 680 staples for single shot usage. This staple gun is somewhat simpler in performance as it does not come with automated fire, but it has the ultimate quality and a very long life time. We often find industrial staplers at customers who have been using their tools for 15-20 years, sometimes even longer…

We have built our industrial stapler range around this model. We have one tool with automated fire and one tool for single shots. In addition to simple and automatic firing, we also offer different lengths on the magazine. Even for a staple gun for single shots, it may be good to have a longer magazine to minimize the number of reloads per day. All to make your production as effective as possible. 

The reloading process is something that we have taken great care with when developing our staplers. In order to re-load the stapler, just place a new staple strip on the magazine lid, pull back the lid in one move and the staple strip will fall into place. Fast and secure! 

For the furniture industry we have a specially designed stapler, JK20-680FN. This tool has a longer nose than standard which allows the user to access tight spaces and to staple through thick and soft materials. Examples of applications for the industrial stapler JK20-680FN are stapling of pads, armrests, etc.

An industrial stapler with speed and power

Our staple gun is pure quality all the way 

Our industrial stapler JK20 is a really high quality tool! And we at Josef Kihlberg are extremely proud of every tool we produce. No matter what model of our JK20 tools you use, they are all manufactured in house by us, in our factory in Hjo, Sweden. This is Swedish quality at it’s best! In order to ensure the quality of the tool, we have a high quality control on all the components and work with hard tolerances. Josef Kihlberg have been in the industry since the 1940’s and we have managed to maintain quality over time, and today we are proud to have one of the markets most quiet, recoilless and easy-to-use stapler.

Our focus on high tolerances for all components in our tools ensures the perfect fit of our staples. We know the frustration that a staple jam can cause, and using our tools together with our staples will minimize this type of problem. This is why we are a trusted supplier to some of the most demanding companies in the world today! 

Finally we want to mention the long life of our staplers. These tools are almost indestructible. By using our staplers, you as a customer, make an investment in a stapler that will benefit you for many years to come. Our staplers will work continually for years and give you little trouble and a lot of joy.  At Josef Kihlberg we believe that it should be fun to staple, and with our JK20 range of fast, high quality industrial staplers, we give you just that!

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