Plastic Cap Stapler JKPC782

Plastic Cap Stapler JKPC782


Benefits Of Using A Plastic Cap Stapler

Staple going through material

Prevents Staple Going Through Material

When plastic, paper board or other thin materials are fastened to wood or other materials, the fastener often goes through the material. This damages the material and the joining is unreliable. This is where the plastic cap stapler shines. The staple is shot together with a plastic cap ,the staple then goes through the plastic cap which prevents it from going through the material.

Material Strength

Enhanced Material Strength

When the plastic cap and staple is fastened together into the material, it reinforces its strength and covers a larger area. The design of the plastic cap makes it protect more of the material. This means that you can use fewer fasteners with the same result.

Stronger protection cap tool

Stronger Protection Against External Forces

Stapling with a cap is the preferred method when joining thin material than without one. The plastic cap protects the material as well as holding the joint material firm. Due to this, the material becomes stronger and will not easily break from external influences such as wind and rain during transport and storage.

Quick Removal Cap and Staple

Quick Removal

Another significant advantage to using our plastic cap tool, is that the plastic cap and staple are more easy to remove compared to a regular staple without a plastic cap. It saves a lot of time when you remove the plastic wrap or other types of covering material. A simpler, better and much easier way to do it.

Our Plastic Cap Stapler

Cap Stapler JKPC782


The tool is designed to maintain high productivity levels, so you can get more done in less time, and at a higher quality, providing better results.

The Cap Stapler is a pneumatic tool, meaning it’s an air powered tool. It is driven by compressed air through an air compressor. It´s a cost-effective, versatile, flexible and reliable method.


Cap Stapler JKPC782

Technical Data


LengthHeightWeightMagazine CapacityOperating Pressue
225 mm270 mm1,8 kg10070-100 psi
8.85827"10.6299"3.968 lb

Features Plastic Cap Stapler JKPC782

Quick Reload

Quick Reload

It is quick and easy to reload the plastic caps and staples. All caps come pre mounted on a reloading stick. In a matter of seconds, you will be up and running again.

Bump Fire and Single Shot Cap Stapler

Bump Fire & Single Shot

You can choose between bump fire or single shot when using the tool.

Fire Without Caps

Fire Without Caps

The tool is specially made to shoot with caps, but the tool works just as well without it.

Adjustable staple depth

Adjustable Depth

Different material need different depths. Our tool makes it easy to adjust the depth on the go.

Adjustable Exhaust

Adjustable Exhaust

Our tool comes with an adjustable air exhaust, so you can change direction of the air flow.

Large Magazine Cap Stapler

Large Magazine

Our plastic cap tool holds 100 caps and 100 fasteners in its magazine. It allows you to cover larger areas without needing to reload.

Ergonomic Design

Plastic Cap Stapler

Ergonomically Designed

We believe that a good tool is a tool you can use for a long time without it being uncomfortable. JKPC782 is therefore ergonomically designed with a comfortable firm grip. So you can work with greater comfort for a longer time.


Tool Maneuverability

The cap tool can handle any position. The staple and plastic caps will be firm in place and ready to fire.


Light Weight

Our Cap Stapler weighs only 1.8 kg (2.205 lb) so you can get more done over a prolonged period of time without suffering from arm fatigue.

Staple For Plastic Cap Fastener

JK782 Staple For Plastic Caps

Our proven and popular staple JK-782 has been used worldwide with many different applications. It is excellent to use for fastening tough materials such as wood and plastic. It is a zinc galvanized steel staple. The wire is medium and handles well with the tough tasks it faces.

JK782 Staple For Plastic Caps

Uses Of Plastic Cap Stapler

Transport wood cover sealing

Wood Transport & Sealing

Our tool ensures that the plastic cover of wooden transport is kept in place and that the staple will not tear or go trough the covering material. It´s easy to remove both plastic cap and staple at the same time. This saves considerably more time when removing the protective plastic.

Fastening plastic to pallet

Fasten Cardboard & Plastic

This fastening method makes it easy to join different material such as cardboard and plastic to a pallet. It secures and strengthens the joining between the material and the pallet. Great for transportation and the strains that come with it.

Plastic Cap Stapler Labeling


When labeling goods for transportation, plastic caps are to great use. No more punched trough labels or bad glue. The plastic cap fastening method is superior when securing labels for your transportation needs.

Cap Stapler Roofing


Roofers love plastic cap fasteners as it withstands harsh weather conditions and protects the fabric from tearing. It is much quicker and preserves the underlay material much better than when using a hammer tacker. Perfect to use when installing felt and other materials used in the process. It works excellent for modified single-ply roof decks.

House wrap cap stapler

House Wrap

When installing house wrap it is crucial that the installation is done correctly. The stapling gives a robust fastening method while avoiding cracking and damaging the material. It creates excellent and durable protection against movement and protects the material from external influences such as wind.

Insulation Cap Stapler


Using a plastic cap fastening is a proven method, often recommended by manufacturers for installing insulation because of its increased strength and protection.

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