8 great reasons why you should staple your packaging

Because you want smarter packaging


A stapled box is safe in all weathers

Neither you nor your transport company has any control over the weather. Snow, rain, intense sunshine, or heat – your packaging will face one or all of these on its journey. Since the whole meaning of packaging is to stay in one piece and protect the contents, the method you choose for carton closing must do the job.
Even if the box gets soaked, the staples will hold it together. Staples are, therefore, ideal for long-distance transport in containers around the world.
Moreover, the temperature in these sealed containers can reach very high levels, but even under these conditions, stapling makes the packing secure. Other carton closing alternatives suffer in these conditions.


A stapled corrugated is ”thief-proof”

Getting your packaging to the customer in one piece is vital; you want the customer to get it how you sent it. Sadly, thieves try to steal the content of your package. Stapling is, therefore, an excellent method to act as a deterrent to the thief.
Because the traces of the crime is evident, a break-in during transport can be easily be detected before the package reaches its destination. We are not saying the thieves cannot open your packaging, but it is harder to hide the crime when using staples then other methods.


It keeps your branding intact

The packaging is not just a covering and protection for the contents.
It represents your brand. It shows your logo, your illustrations, your product name, or part number. Keeping it clean and professional is an essential factor for upholding brand perception and customer satisfaction.
When you use tape, this is not the case. The tape covers parts of your branding, and information is lost. By using staples for carton closing, you can ensure that your branding is intact and the effort of creating it is not lost.


It will save you space.

If you use staples for carton closing, you will save a lot of space in your warehouse. Staples use only 1/40th of space that is needed by tape.
The tape you use to close 3400 cartons fills one cubic meter while the same volume will hold staples that close 137,000 cartons.
That’s a significant difference, making it easy for you to optimize your warehouse space.


Staples have no expiry date

Your investment in carton closing staples will last you year after year with no depreciation in its fastening ability. It will still work as good as when you first bought it. Tape, on the other hand, can dry up and will not perform as good after a particular time. It will lose its fastening ability over time and even faster in a dirty or dusty environment.
Meaning you have to order it in smaller batches and therefore you have to pay more for the product as well as increasing the frequency of shipping cost.


Staples are a 100% natural product

Environmental laws are getting stiffer, and each supplier has to take responsibility for ensuring that the packaging meets the environmental requirements. Staples meets these demands due to it is a purely natural product and is recyclable. And even if it is not recycled, any staples that do make it to the rubbish tip will break down within a year or two, returning essential minerals to nature.


Stapling will save you precious time.

Closing cartons with staples is a lot faster than when closing it with tape. Every time you close a carton with tape, you have to make sure it sticks to both ends as well as the middle before moving on to the next package. With staples, this is a non-factor. If you set your top stapler correctly with the right penetration depth for your packaging, you can be sure that it works, time after time. And we haven’t even talked about the reloading speed. Stapling is the obvious choice if you want to increase productivity.


Great for heavy products

For heavy and bulky items, there are no alternatives to staples. Because staples enhance the strength of the corrugated material in a way that is unprecedented compared to the other closing methods. A stronger seal prevents item/product damage. Therefore stapling is the best choice for metal products or other heavy items both for shipping and warehousing.

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