Automated Fastening System JK A-Fast A1 A3

Automated Fastening System JK A-Fast A1 A3

Automated Fastening System

automated fastening system A1L

JK A-Fast A1L 670 | 680 | 690 | 780

Automated fastening system with long magazine

automated fastening system A1H

JK A-Fast A1H 670 | 680 | 690 | 780

Automated fastening system with high loading magazine

automated fastening system JK A-fast A3L

JK A-Fast A3L 653 | 783

Automated fastening system with long magazine

automated fastening system JK A-fast A3R

JK A-Fast A3R 653 | 783

Automated fastening system for robot mounting

Features Automated Fastening System

Eletric connector automated fastening system

Electric connector

Our units use a single electric connector for all functions. The connector makes it easy to install and perform effortlessly for maintenance or service disassembly.

pneumatic and electrical actuation

Electric or pneumatic

Our automated fastening systems are available in both electric and pneumatic designs, so they can easily be integrated into your production.

Magazine sensor for automated fastening system

Magazine sensor

The magazine sensor controls the staple loading status. The sensor warns you when the magazine reaches low levels. Furthermore, it allows you to refill the magazine without interrupting production flow.

feeding controller automated fastening system

Feeding controller

This function warns when your automated fastening system is not firing any fasteners. It gives you full control of your staple consumption.

continuous reloading cylinder

Continuous reloading cylinder

Our precision engineered continuous reloading cylinder makes it possible for autonomous staple firing at high speed. The reloading cylinder ensures that reloading fasteners are produced efficiently from the magazine. Only for A1H models.

Split free nozzle automated fastening system A3

Split free nozzle (A3)

Avoiding splits and cracks when fastening wood on wood is a must in manufacturing. Josef kihlberg’s patented split free nozzle solution prevents splits in material when fastening.

Accessories Automated Fastening System

automated fastening system robot reloading station

Reloading station A3R

To get the most out of your workflow with A3R our reloading station extends your loading capacity of fasteners with an external magazine. The robot reloads the magazine automatically in the reloading station, which minimizes downtime in production. It is easy to install and comes with a small flexible tool for robot mounting.

Automated fastening system for robot

See our A3R783 model in action

Full System Solution

Josef Kihlberg automated stapling system

Josef Kihlberg in-house Production

With over 175 years of proven experience, we understand the importance of working closely with our customers. To understand your needs and make high quality and professional products that make the difference for your business.
We take great pride in the fact that you can rely on our tools & staples. That is why we research and produce our products in-house in our factory in Hjo Sweden. Our Quality control guarantees the highest quality processes throughout the manufacturing process.

Staples and tools designed together

Tools and staples designed together for perfect performance

No system is stronger than the weakest link. That’s a fact for you, for your competitors and us. We know that every little detail counts to get a competitive advantage and for a production line to function well.
Therefore all parts of Josef Kihlbergs automated fastening systems are designed for optimal performance and are thoroughly tested. You can be sure that every single part achieves and works in perfect symbiosis with each other.

stapling system automation uptime

Flawless functionality for highest UPtime

The only thing better than having a reliable production line is having one that also produces efficiently. That’s why we created these systems. So your business can focus on what matters, revenue growth and optimal productivity. With our integrated system of carefully selected components, which stand the test of time, you can take your business to the next level. By minimizing downtime and maximizing output.

High Reliability

durable components automated fastening system

Durable design & components

We don’t cut corners when it comes to our high-quality components. We carefully select our parts and do comprehensive testing. If a component doesn´t stand up to the high standards of Josef Kihlberg, we won’t use it.

Stapling manufacturing

Built for 24/7 operations

Our Automated Fastening Systems are built to maintain productivity around the clock. It´s quality engineering and construction to meet the demands of a high labor intensive workload.

service automated stapling system

Long service intervals

All of our products come with long service intervals due to its high-quality parts and precision engineering. That is what our automation systems are all about.

High Availability

automated stapling system on stock

Tools and spare parts on stock

We have ensured that all your tools and spare parts will delivered as fast as possible, so you can get the work done and operate with peace of mind.

lead time automated system

Guaranteed shortest lead times

You have a promise to your customers. We understand that. So we have a promise to you. We work towards having the shortest lead times on all our tools and spare parts.

High Speed & Low Sound Emission

speed automated fastening system

The speed you need

Our secure fastening technology gives you the speed you need when fastening your material. 750 shots per minute for A1 and 500 for the A3 models.

Low sound emissions

Low sound emission

We are true believers of good work environments. Therefore we create our automation fastening systems to produce to very low sound emissions.

Benefits Of Automated Fastening System

reduce cost of production automation

Reduce cost of production

A quick ROI from initial set up. Better throughput.

Higher quality production fastening

Higher quality levels

Manufactured to the same specifications each time. Better end product then manual work.

Productivity fastening automation

Increased productivity

Higher efficiency and overall labor effectiveness then manual work. Produce more in less time.

Shorter cycle times manufacturing

Shorter cycle times

Constant production without stopping breaks for workers. Produce more in shorter time at same speed then manual work.

reduced waste manufacturing

Reduced waste

Better use of raw material. Makes production process more accurate and thereby decreasing manufacturing costs.

Increased work safety manufacturing

Increased safety

Increased workplace safety. Less hazardous and dangerous manual tasks. Risk minimizing.

increased savings automated fastening manufacturing

Increased savings

Less insurance cost for workers. Quality output increases customer satisfaction and customer retention.

automation fastening system performance

Better performance

Can perform more labour intensive tasks then manual work.

Automated Fastening System Unit Material

material automated stapling system

Automated fastening system material

All of our Automation fastening systems are made in aluminum, stainlees steel and steel. It´s extremely durable and requires almost no maintenance.

testing your material automated stapling

We’re testing your material

Our automatic stapling systems can handle most materials. When in doubt, we test your materials so you can be sure that it works in your production.

Technical Data Specification

Automated fastening system

Automated Stapler Unit



Weight Type L: 2.8 – 4.1 kg (6.2 – 9.0 lbs) Type L: 8.1 – 8.2 kg (17.9 – 18.1 lbs)
Type H: 4.6 – 6.0 kg (10.1 – 13.2 lbs) Type R: 7.3 – 7.4 kg (16.1 – 16.3 lbs)
Dimensions Type L: 543 x 45 – 51 x 175 mm (21.4” x 1.8 – 2.1” x 6.9”) Type L: 568 x 85 x 275 mm (22.4” x 3.3” x 10.8”)
Type H: 484 x 74 – 82 x 404 mm (19.1” x 2.9 – 3.2” x 15.9”) Type R: 380 x 85 x 275 mm (15” x 3.3” x 10.8”)
Magazine capacity Type L: 336 – 537 pcs Type L: 207 – 225 pcs
Type H: 2148 – 8234 pcs Type R: 69 – 75 pcs
Speed (Actuation Time) 50ms 60ms
Working pressure 5 – 6 bar (70-90 psi) 5 – 7 bar (70-100 psi)
Max. pressure 7 bar (100 psi) 7 bar (100 psi)
Air consumption per driving operation at 6 bar (90 psi) operating pressure 0.35 liter 1.7 liter
Air supply Filtered, slightly oiled-air tube, 8 mm (outside diameter) Filtered, slightly oiled-air tube, 8 mm (outside diameter)
Power supply 24V DC, sensor type PNP 24V DC, sensor type PNP




Use only JK original staples! Type JK670 Length: 6 – 22 mm (1/4”–7/8”) Width: 9.1 mm (3/8”) Type JK653 Length: 25 – 50 mm (1”–2”) Width: 11.3 mm (7/16”)
Type JK680 Length: 6 – 14 mm (1/4”–9/16”) Width: 12.9 mm (1/2”) Type JK783 Length: 25–51 mm (1”–2”) Width: 11.0 mm (7/16”)
Type JK690 Length: 12–22 mm (1/4”–7/8”) Width: 4.6 mm (3/16”)
Type JK780 Length: 16–22mm (5/8”–7/8”) Width: 5.8 mm (7/32”)




Electrical connector X X
Electrical actuation X X
Magazine sensor X X
Feeding controller X X
Continuous reloading cylinder X X
Split free nozzle X

A3R With Split Free Nozzle

Automation systems fastening robot bed manufacturing
Automation systems fastening robot mount

Applications Automated Manufacturing Industry

But not limited to
automated system for automotive industry

Automated fastening system for bed manufacturing

Stapling system for cabinet manufacturing

automated system chair manufacturing

Sofa couch manufacturing automated fastening system

crate manufacturing automated stapling system

Stapling automation system for door frame manufacturing

Door frame
Automated stapling system for drawer manufacturing

Stapling automation for pallet manufacturing

pre fabricated houses manufacturing automated fastening system

Pre-fabricated house
Stapling system for ski manufacturing

stapling system for window frame manufacturing

Window frame

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