Stainless Steel Staples JK777SS

Stainless Steel Staples JK777SS

A Higher Level Of Corrosion Protection!

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Because You Want Stainless Steel Staples That Work

Our JK777SS 304 and 316 stainless steel staples are corrosion resistant with the aesthetics to meet the demands of a modern application. It´s thin and wide design is precision engineered to have a high-quality impact when joining materials together. The wide crown of the staple secures and covers larger areas whiles achieving a stronger hold. Depending on your application needs you can choose between 304 or 316 stainless steel alloy.

Two Types Of Stainless Steel Staples

With 6 different options!

Product 304 Stainless Steel Staple JK777-SS length 10,12,16

JK777SS 304  

Stainless Steel 304 Staple

Corrosion level: High

The staple is very durable and provides excellent resistance to corrosion and rust, making it a perfect fit for both indoor and outdoor use. It works great for most applications and is able to withstand most corrosion from milder oxidizing acids.

12mm & 16mm available upon request

Product 316 Stainless Steel Staple JK777-SS length 10, 12,16

JK777SS 316  

Stainless Steel 316 Staple

Corrosion level: Extremely High

If your application needs higher corrosion and rust resistance, this is the staple for you. It withstands corrosion in salty environments and is an ideal staple for marine use, coastal regions, and areas where de-icing salt is present.

12mm & 16mm available upon request

Technical Data

Features of Stainless Steel Staple JK777SS

A Staple For High And Low Temperatures


High temperature resistance staple

High Temperature Resistance

The JK777SS has excellent heat resistance. You can expose the staple to very high temperatures without compromising performance.


Low temperature resistance stapleLow Temperature Resistance

The staples have great resilience for cold environments. It´s engineered to be able to function down to cryogenic temperatures.


Environmental Benefits Of Stainless Steel Staples

For Optimal Performance, Use With JK20T777L

Pnumatic Stapler JK20T777L

The staples are designed and optimized to work seamlessly with the JK20T777L professional staple gun. Together they produce quiet, rapid, high quality stapling. The design of JK20T777L allows your material to be handled with care and leave a professional finish.

Pnumatic Stapler JK20T777L

Stainless Steel Staples Classification

ClassificationJK777SS 304JK777SS 316
AISI / ASTM / UNS304316
UNS NoS30400S31600
Old British BSI304S31316S31
Japanese JISSUS 304SUS 316
Swedish SS23322347
AFNORZ 6 CN 18-09Z 6 CND 17-11

Application Examples JK777SS 304

But not limited to
  • Bed Bed
  • Packing Packing
  • Transport Transport
  • Upholstery Upholstery

Application Examples JK777SS 316

But not limited to
  • Automotive Automotive
  • Industrial Industrial
  • Marin Environment Marin Environment
  • Salty Environment Salty Environment